Georgy MolodtsoV

VR/360 creative producer,
festival manager, director
Moscow, Russia
Georgy Molodtsov
Georgy graduated from VGIK (All-Russian State Institute of Cinematography) in 2008 as a documentary director and started to work as a programmer of the Moscow International Film Festival the same year.
Starting form 2005 Georgy headed creative production of social cause campaigns within Social Advertising Laboratory.

In 2010 Georgy started to work as a freelance commercial advertising director. At the same time he continued to develop in the field of documentary cinema, where he worked both as a director (Let Our Lives Continue in Other, 2012; Forest is my Choice, 2013), buyer and programmer for the TV-slot "Watching and discussing" at TV-channel Russia-Kultura and as a producer.

In 2012 Georgy was proposed with the position of the Vice-president of the Russian Documentary Guild. His main responsibilities here are connected with the promotion of Russian documentaries and development of the RGDOC.COM web-portal.

In 2015 Georgy graduated from American University School of Communication with MA in Film and Video as a Fulbright graduate fellow.

Georgy Molodtsov is specialising in both production of 360/VR content as well as organising Cinematic VR events as a part of film festivals with simultaneous showcase of 360 content. He is the co-founder of VRability social good project.
In 2017 together with colleagues Georgy organised non-commercial initiative "Russian VR Seasons" in order to promote best of Russian 360/VR works domestically and internationally. As a festival manager Georgy organised/programmed over a dozen of VR film screenings and and events in 2016-17, including VR Sci Fest in Sweden, VR program of the 39th Moscow International Film Festival, first Russian VR festivalEMC VR Film Festival and VR Lab and many other events.

Currently works as independent producer on project connected with distribution of VR360 content, development, production and post production of 360 content, festival programmer and VR screenings events organiser as well as consultant for advertising agencies and production companies on 360 productions.

VR Film Festivals
Programming and organisation of VR events
with simultaneous screening of 360 cinematic content
VR&360 Documentaries
Original independent production of 360 films and VR projects


Russian Social Good 360 project that uses virtual reality to help motivate people with disabilities to be more active in real life.
NEXT VR - Marche du Film 2017 Screening
Moscow International Film Festival 2017 - VR Section screening
10th Annual Social Golden Prize for the Best social campaign - Communications Festival PORA! 2016
Screen4all 360 Film Festival Official Selection (France) 2016
Tampere DDD60 Official Selection 2017
Short list - Silver Mercury Award'16
VR Scientific Festival – Sweden'17

Lake Baikal: The Science and Spirituality of Extreme Water

Lake Baikal: The Science and Spirituality of Extreme Water is a 360 3D documentary project, that will introduce viewers to the dramatic landscapes around Lake Baikal in Siberia, and to some of the strong spiritual traditions that have evolved around this oldest, deepest and most voluminous body of fresh water on Earth.
Best Full Dome film – Baikal International Film Festival'17
NEXT VR - Marche du Film 2017 Screening
Moscow International Film Festival 2017 - VR Section screening
Sheffield Alternative Market Selection 2017
IDFA Forum Selection 2016
Dubai IFF - Different Reality Program Selection 2016
Tampere DDD60 Official Selection 2017
Haifa IFF Vr City program 2017
Photo scenes from the project - part of "Google Expeditions"
VR/360 Commercial projects
Directing/producing/editing/supervising 360 projects
TNT – Feel our content. Presentation of the 2018 Content of TNT Channel.
October, 2017
N3 Design, Zarya Film, 360 3D
Role on the project: Director, editor, consultant
Samsung Youtube TV – Do what you can't (Feb, 2018)
Detective in 360 – Solve the crime
production Zebra Hero, dir. Andrey Paukov, DOP - Evgeny Kozlov
Role on the project: 360 consultant, 360 supervisor
Miller Global Party (July, 2016)
(co-director, supervisor, editor 360)
2x2. Suspicious Owl. VR 360 (January, 2017)
(curator, editor, supervisor 360)
Yandex.Taxi: VR Cinema in Taxi (April, 2016)
(script, directing, supervisor, editor 360)
Samsung Launching People. BeFearless: Skydiving (April, 2017)
(director, editor 360)
Voice. Kids (April, 2017)
(consultant, co-director, supervisor 360)
Voice. Kids (April, 2017)
(consultant, co-director, supervisor 360)
Dream Ski (August 2016)
director, editor
2x2 Telecake for adults (June 2016)
co-director, supervisor
Gorky Park: Graduation Day 2016 (June 2016)
director, editor
Gorky Park: Park for Youth (June 2016)
director, editor
Educational&Mentoring Projects
Educational VR360 Film Labs, Master Classes, Presentations
Awards for work in the field of VR/360 projects
Russia's Media Manager of the Year Award'16
Award was given in special nomination of the Social Responsibility of the Media Business for Promotion of the virtual reality technologies in social and educational projects.
Award for contribution in development and promotion of VR technologies in Russia
10th Annual Social Communcations Festival PORA! 2016
Golden Prize for the Best social campaign
Printed Interviews about VR/360 and film festivals


MEDIUM Web blog with the information about VR Film Festival, most interesting VR films and industry news.

Conferences&Public talks
31.01.2018 The 20th Exhibition and Forum CSTB.TELECOM&MEDIA'2018 (Moscow, Russia)
January, 31, 2018
EKATERINA FILATOVA, Head of Association of augmented and virtual reality AVRA
Supported by Association of augmented and virtual reality AVRA
Topics for discussion:
  • VR-technologies in world film industry
  • Broadcasting of sport events in 360° format
  • How media companies see VR application in media industry
  • How VR transforms consumption of kid's content today

31.01.2018 Radio "Mayak" discussion on VR/360 in Cinema (Russia)
Discussion about VR Cinema as a part of the program "Physics and Lyrics".
VR-technologies are becoming more common, many users are usually frightened of mysterious terms. What is VR-cinema, what is it different from the familiar 3D? How close is it to the theater? Is it suitable for documentary? The answer was kept by Georgy Molodtsov - director, producer, curator of the project "Russian VR Seasons".
You can watch/listen the discussion in Russian here -
23.12.2017 "Echo Moskvy - Yekaterinburg" Radio program about VR Cinema
(Yekaterinburg, Russia)
Discussion about VR Cinema and VR Technologies as a part of "Art Subbotnik" program on regional radio station "Echo Moskvy".
Link -
03.12.2017 Annual CG Event Conference (Moscow, Russia)
Lecture on editing in Adobe Premiere CC 2018 using headsets and simultaneous showcase of 360 content. Web site -
16.11.2017 VI St. Petersburg International Cultural Forum 2017 Discussion (St. Petersburg, Russia)
Real and virtual museums. Strategies for coexistence.Topics: Introduction of the new virtual programmes to the museum space. Specificity of VR - technologies with the leaders of VR industry and representatives of the museums.
Web site:
08-12.11.2017 New British Film Festival Talks: master classes of Darren Emerson and Liz Rozental (Moscow, Russia)
Moderation of the Maser classes with the VR director Darren Emerson and Head of "Power to the pixel" company and programmer of Venice VR Liz Rozental at the Moscow Film School within the New British Film Festival.
Web site:
21.09.2017 VR Discussion at KINOEXPO 2017 (St. Petersburg, Russia)
VR as a tool of entertainment industry – topic of the discussion for the visitors and exhibitors of the 20th KINOEXPO Forum

Professional Background
Documentary Industry, Commercial&Social Advertrising

Advertising and Social Cause campaigns
Showreel of commercial advertising directed in 2010-2018 in Russia

Works received prizes at the major advertising festivals:
RED Apple (Russia), IDEA (Russia), White Square (Belarus), Kiev Advertising Festival (Ukraine), Golden Hummer (Gran Prix) and others (more info at

Social Advertising Laboratory Showreel

Social cause advertising made as a director and creative director of the Social Advertising Laboratory (

Documentary Industry
Documentary Sections
Moscow International Film Festival
Starting from 2008, Georgy was programming and managing documentary sections "Free Thought" of the Moscow International Film Festival (classified by FIAPF as one of 15 most prestigious "Competitive" film festivals), representing world best and most awarded documentaries.
In 2011 competition section for documentaries was added to the sections with the winners like "Hell and back again" (Academy Award nomination), "Searching for Sugar Man" (Academy Award), "Cartel Land" (Academy Award nominations) and many others.
More information about the festival -

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